Connect (small group class)

Get INTO your body in this embodied movement class, designed to care, connect and awaken.

Discover how to open up your movement potential, strengthen your foundations, connect up your nervous system, let go of tension and find more freedom and vitality in your body (and maybe your life).

We will focus on working WITH your body towards greater self connection, energy, capacity, strength, mobility, awareness, vitality, articulation, expression & joy in movement. We will play with movement scenarios & flows, mobilising, strengthening & owning our joints, moving separately, moving together, drawing awareness in, sending awareness out, being gentle, embracing challenge, breathing & generally getting into the epic-ness of our bodies.

The class will drawn on influences such as:

  • natural/primal movement
  • functional movement patterns
  • body softening
  • body tensioning
  • yoga flows
  • structural analysis
  • animal locomotion
  • developmental patterns
  • joint strengthening
  • movement mobilising
  • somatic principles
  • rewilding practices
  • play
  • breath/meditation

First class is FREE.

Classes have a monthly theme to anchor our movement and self exploration (such as shoulders, locomotion, spinal articulation, softening, breathing, play etc.).

  • Tuesday 6-7:30pm at Giralang Soccer Fields or BODY BEING’s private health studio in Giralang, Canberra (address supplied with booking). PLEASE NOTE THIS CLASS IS NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING (it will run again in the future. To register your interest or get on the distribution list please drop us a line –
  • Class cost: $25 per class (please bring cash to class)

Numbers strictly limited so get in quick.

Get in touch at to book your spot.