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Transmute: Group Breathwork Canberra

Your breath is a powerful transformational tool available to help you explore your body, your heart, your way of being in the world.

Consciously using your breath to connect to the deeper aspects of yourself is one of the most effective ways of creating space for a transmutation to occur from deep within, bringing your mind, body and heart into greater alignment with your true nature. A way to move beyond that which is unhelpful and in the road of being truly and powerfully available to life.

Body Being (Amber) and Transition Breath (Joshua) join together for this transformational Breathwork experience on:
– Saturday: 27 February 2021
– 11:30am – 2:30pm (3 hours)
– Location: Flow Yoga Canberra Studio: Building 3.3, 1 Dairy Road, Fyshwick. Canberra

We will use Conscious Connected Breathing, body awareness and relaxation to enter a meditative and altered-state of consciousness. In this state, participants may access memories, thoughts, feelings and sensations from their subconscious world, which are then amplified towards release and integration.

Group Breathwork is a useful practice for:
– working with unhelpful, held or stuck emotional material;
– unlocking your life force and sense of vitality
– discharging stress, tension, anxiety, depression or stuck energy;
– understanding and repatterning limiting behaviours or thought processes;
– using group energy to go deeper into your own process;
– addressing relation material & experience being supported in a group setting;
– exploring consciousness and life questions; and
– improving general well-being.

Limited spaces are available.



The exchange is $80.00 (plus Eventbrite booking fee). Ticket Link

Email to register your interest or secure your spot.

***It is recommended you book your place early to avoid missing out. We expect this event to sell out. Previous events have sold out in three days. This event has strictly limited numbers to ensure adequate support is provided to participants***


Breathwork is not suitable for: people with cardiovascular problems, pregnancy, some psychiatric conditions, psychosis, recent surgery or fractures, acute infectious illness or epilepsy, severe hypertension, glaucoma, or active spiritual emergency. Strict COVID-19 policy applies.

The Facilitators

Both Amber and Joshua are qualified one-on-one and group breathwork practitioners. They are registered practitioners with the Australian Breathwork Association and the International Breathwork Foundation.

About Body Being: Amber’s passion is using Breathwork to support people to connect with their inner nature, to come home to themselves, reclaim their sense of belonging and find space to live a self-loving, vital, conscious and whole life. Amber offers a heart centred practice bringing warmth, gentleness with power and passion to support people to navigate their inner terrain. She has a background in working with the body, heart & soul through embodied movement practices, meditative arts, energy work, nature connection and holistic health coaching.

About Transition Breath: Joshua comes with a broad range of altered-state experiences stemming from his meditative, plant medicine and other nature-based contemplative practices. Joshua’s practice is Soul-centered, meaning he loves to support people with the exploration and integration of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. He runs personalised breathwork sessions, group breathwork events, nature-immersion hikes and corporate/community breathing workshops. Joshua is a committee member of the Australian Breathwork Association. Further information available at:


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