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What others have said about Group Breathwork in Canberra:
“What an incredible and powerful experience. I’ve never experienced anything like it”
“Amber is the best Breath Mama ever. She radiates warmth, love and compassion. She sits in her vulnerability in a way that adds to her strength and gives permission to do the same…”
“I would recommend Breathwork as the most empowering and fundamental practice of inner exploration, contemplation and personal growth”
“I was able to reach incredibly deep places within myself. Life changing inner places and insight”
“Absolutely AMAZING experience, if hard to describe.”
“My experience of Conscious Connected Breathwork with Amber has been a journey to my true self…Breathwork has awakened me to a feeling of true connection to myself and others that I have carried into my day to day life…”
“…In the Breath Basket Amber creates a safe, nurturing and fun space for women to share this transformative experience.”
“Amber is a genuine, warm and engaging facilitator who approaches Breathwork in a supportive and compassionate way. If you’ve been thinking of trying Breathwork, I highly recommend Amber’s classes – It’s been a transformative experience for me.”
Online Breathwork Canberra

CONNECTED: Online Breathwork ceremony

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You are invited to share an intimate ceremony of diving into self discovery and inner unfolding using the modality of ‘Conscious Connected Breathwork’.

All from the comfort of your own home!

Our breath is the cornerstone of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. It is a key to unlocking our potential, to discovering ourselves more deeply and letting go of what no longer serves us.

It can be used to restore our vitality and anchor us deep within, bringing us home to ourselves. Consciously using our breath to connect to the deeper aspects of our subconscious is one of the most effective ways of supporting ourselves to adapt to challenging times. Through this approach we can unlock our psyche of unhelpful patterns or beliefs, release tension, trauma or stress, process our emotions and work towards a felt sense of wholeness, acceptance, self understanding and vitality.

Online ceremony:

This is a online Breathwork ceremony. It is an opportunity to access the benefits of Breathwork from the comfort your own home.

This ceremony is open to beginners and experienced breathers.

Please note: Those new to Conscious Connected Breathwork will join the session 30mins before the full session starts. During this beginner session Amber will introduce Conscious Connected Breathwork, how it works and teach you the connected breathing pattern we will be using for the session.


Ticketing pricing has been scaled for accessibility. It is a challenging time for some so please purchase the ticket price that fits your circumstances.

  • Full exchange: $40.00 (plus Humanitix booking fee)-
  • It’s a tough this week exchange: $25.00 (plus Humantix booking fee)
  • Times are hard exchange: $15.00 (plus Humantix booking fee)

The Breath Basket:

A women’s Breathwork ceremony

Held monthly

See Humanitix profile for dates

(Giralang, Canberra)

Group Breathwork Canberra

A WOMEN ONLY transformational Breathwork ceremony

You are invited to come share an intimate evening of diving deeply into self discovery and inner unfolding using the modality of ‘Conscious Connected Breathwork’.

Our breath is the cornerstone of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. It can also be a key to unlocking our potential and discovering all that we are capable of being in this world. Or it can be used simply to restore our vitality and come home to our truest selves.

Consciously using our breath to connect to the deeper aspects of ourselves is one of the most effective ways of unlocking our psyche of unhelpful patterns or beliefs, releasing tension, trauma or stress, processing our emotions and working towards a felt sense of wholeness, acceptance, self understanding and vitality.

This is a special (by request) women only group Breathwork ceremony. It is an opportunity to sit in ceremony with other like-hearted women and use the power of your breath to journey deeply within, explore your inner world and unlock aspects of your potential and knowing within a safe container of support and guidance. When women journey deeply together there is often a profoundly sacred and healing process that unfolds.

What is Breathwork?

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a powerful modality that uses conscious and dynamic breathing, awareness and relaxation to access our subconscious world through inducing an altered state of awareness. In this state we can journey beyond the mind and access images, memories, energy, feelings, sensations, thoughts and experiences that we can not ordinarily access in our everyday life.

You can use Breathwork to:

– unlock parts of yourself previously unknown
– release tension, stress, emotions or stuck energy
– move beyond what doesn’t serve you (unhelpful beliefs, destructive patterns, old wounds, past trauma)
– access profound self understanding and self love
– connect deeply with your authentic self (body, heart and spirit)
– process and release transpersonal material (ancestral, family or cultural wounds)
– access your inner knowing and gain profound clarity
– connect with your innate vitality and power
– experience beyond our everyday awareness and connect with the mystery of life
– unlock your life force
– find peace, profound connection and unity within.

The exchange is $90.00 (plus Humanitix booking fee).

***It is recommended you book your place early to avoid missing out. I expect this event to sell out. This event has strictly limited numbers to ensure adequate support is provided to participants***
Breathwork is not suitable for: people with cardiovascular problems, pregnancy, some psychiatric conditions, psychosis, recent surgery or fractures, acute infectious illness or epilepsy, severe hypertension, glaucoma, or active spiritual emergency.

COVID-19 policy applies.


The Facilitator:

Amber Nomchong (creator of BODY BEING) is a qualified and registered Breathwork facilitator offering both one on one sessions as well as group Breathwork journeys. Amber is a professional member of the national governing body the Australian Breathwork Association as well as the International Breathwork Federation.

Amber’s passion is using Breathwork to support people to connect with their inner nature, to come home to themselves, reclaim their sense of belonging and find space to live a self-loving, vital, conscious and whole life.

Amber offers a heart centred practice bringing warmth, playfulness and gentleness with power and passion to support people to navigate their inner terrain. She has a background in working with the body, heart & soul through breath, embodied movement practices, meditative arts, shamanic journeying, trance states, conscious dance, immersive women’s retreats, energy work, nature connection and holistic health coaching.

Varied Workshops and Events

We hold varied wellness, embodiment and self development workshops throughout the year (see below for our next scheduled workshops).

Some are held at our private studio in Giralang, Canberra, in the wild spaces around Canberra, as well as occasional interstate and international locations.

We love to collaborate with others and bring you interesting human’s to learn, share and grow with. 

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