Move, feel, play, explore and grow!

Do you want to connect with your body more deeply? Discover what it needs to move and feel well!

Are you craving some freedom and support to explore and challenge your movement potential (get strong, flexible and more mobile, be enduring, agile, improve joint health as well as obtain ease and grace, mind-body connection and joy in your movement).

Want to enjoy your experience of having a body?

We can help you!

No matter where you are at currently, we will provide you with a space in which you can drop into your body to work with it (not against it) to improve, strengthen, refine and create healthy, functional and balanced movements.

We offer individualised and holistic movement coaching sessions during the week (1-1.5 hours), a weekly group class (1.5 hours), as well as one off movement based workshops at our private health studio or around Canberra (see Events for more info).

Our movement/personal training sessions are influenced by and may draw from:

  • natural/primal movement principles
  • restoring foundational human movement patterns (using structural and functional balance systems)
  • traditional strength and conditioning principles
  • martial arts
  • yoga inspired movement flows
  • nutritious movement practices
  • rehabilitation of dysfunctional joints or movement patterns
  • animalistic movement patterns
  • tissue therapies
  • breath analysis and rebalancing
  • somatic mind-body practices
  • embodiment approaches
  • dance meditation
  • nature connection and rewilding practices
  • play, joy and curiosity in movement.

Our health studio offers a richer and more personal experience than the usual globo gym approach. Our nature infused movement studio is located in a relaxed urban setting and provides an easy space for you to drop into your body as you move, explore, practice and cultivate.

Book in for a free initial chat or get things rolling by scheduling your introduction package (which includes a full structural and functional assessment as well as holistic health consult).