Holistic Health Coaching

At BODY BEING we provide holistic and long term pathways back to vital health. By looking at the broader picture and looking beyond band-aid approaches we seek out underlying causes in order to provide straight forward education and support strategies for your health complaints. Approaches include:

  • nutritional counseling,
  • food medicine (herbals, healing foods, essential oils, supplementation),
  • gut health protocols,
  • eating psychology,
  • lifestyle modifications, and
  • mind-body healing practices.

We love to blend our one on one Health Coaching with our movement sessions but we also feel some dedicated Health Coaching discussions are a corner stone to rekindling health and vitality.

Want to know more or book in for a Health Coaching session (60-90mins) contact us at amber@bodybeing.com.au or use our contact page.

Certified Essential Oil Coach
Certified Essential Oil Coaching, Canberra