Amber Nomchong
Empowering you to revitalise your vitality and wellbeing

Amber Nomchong: Breathwork Therapist, Holistic Health & Movement Coach, Group Breathwork Facilitator, Rewilding & Nature Connection Mentor, Certified Botanical & Essential Oil Coach

Hi there, I’m Amber and I head up BODY BEING.

BODY BEING is a collection of the most effective health and wellness practices I have accumulated over the last 20 years in the health and wellness industry. My influences are diverse but always with an emphasis of optimising human health and wellbeing across the spectrum of body, mind, heart and spirit.

I have a background in Psychology, Breathwork Therapy, Anthropology, martial arts, energy work, nutrition, natural movement, nature connection, natural healing, meditation, conscious dance and a deep passion for all things real and human.

My focus is building a sense of wellness and vitality through a broad range of body centred and nature based modalities. I work dynamically across these fields to bring you a blended, holistic and personalised approach, empowering you to revitalise all aspects of your wellbeing.

I’m not interested in quick fixes or silver bullets. I want to walk with my clients, empowering them as they move towards whole person wellness, without and within.

Modalities I offer are:

  • a variety of embodied movement & personal training modalities;
  • nutrition & nourishment approaches;
  • Breathwork (a powerful mind/body therapy using conscious breath);
  • life coaching & embodied experiencing coaching (drawing on process oriented psychology approaches, somatic processing and non-ordinary/altered state processes);
  • meditation & other breath based modalities;
  • various energy healing styles;
  • nature connection & rewilding for adults and kids (specialising in cultivating a wild body & heart); &
  • life style modification.

I am passionate about supporting people to feel vital in their bodies and in their lives. To enhance their experience of having a body, to empower people to nourish and respect their bodies and hearts, to connect with nature and with themselves.

I support my clients to reconnect with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of themselves to come back to a sense of wholeness. I strongly believe that when a truly holistic approach to wellness is undertaken, a deep, profound and long term sense of health, vitality and zest for life can be obtained.

I work with a sense of joy, playfulness and gentleness, supporting people to feel at home, relaxed and grounded, where ever they are at.

In my own time I love playing with my family in the wild places, organic gardening and making my own delicious natural home and body products. I’m a keen advocate for rewilding our bodies and hearts, and I like it best when my feet are dirty and my body is free.

I’ve got a gentle heart and a mean punch.

“My passion is to support people to come back to a wholeness within themselves. A place of true health, wellness and vitality. “ – Amber