Your breath is key to a vital and adaptive body and mind. It is the cornerstone of health, both from a physical perspective and from a mental, emotional and spiritual one. It is the only aspect of us that is both conscious and unconscious and therefore provides a powerful pathway into the deeper aspects of our experience of ourselves.

Our relationship with our breath is symbolic of our relationship to life and worthy of exploring more deeply.

At BODY BEING we work with a cross section of breath related modalities from Breathwork Therapy (see below), meditation, parasympathetic balancing, resonance breathing, guided mediation, Taoist meditation styles, breath analysis and restructuring, breath modulation techniques and respiration conditioning. Want to know more…click here.

Breathwork Therapy

Want real, felt and embodied change in life?

The kind of change that can rewire original stories of pain, suffering, loss, emptiness, disconnection, non-belonging or feeling unworthy.

Changes that can enable a new way of being in the world. A way to come home to a full sense of self.

Want to let go of anchors that keep us revisiting unhelpful thought patterns or destructive choices?

Want more than just talking/thinking through the issue over and over (or perhaps completely ignoring it)?

Are you drawn to go deeper, to drop into yourself and learn to listen to your inner world?

Why Breathwork?

Breathwork (also know as Conscious Connected Breathwork) offers you a path towards physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wholeness. It is a gentle yet dynamic process and a highly effective way for creating deep and lasting whole person changes.

Using a particular breathing pattern, body awareness and gentle facilitation Breathwork enables us to access sub-conscious material held in the body (such as unprocessed emotions, unhelpful beliefs, memories, untapped inner knowing, deeply held tension and unresolved trauma).

Through bypassing the mind we are able to transform our internal landscape changing our experiences of our selves and our lives. Parts of us become unlocked enabling us to rework original wounds of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual complaints creating a new expression of self.

“Breathwork provides a meaningful, non-verbal path to self-knowledge, inner wisdom & health.” Australian Breathwork Association

There are a broad range of reasons people try Breathwork.
– stress & overwhelm
– anxiety & depression
– body tension, physical pain & bodily dis-ease symptoms
– emotional wellbeing
– self expression
– confidence & self love
– clarity, self understanding & purpose
– trauma (personal, inter-generational, cultural, transpersonal)
– empowerment & peace within
– relationships (to self & other)
– emotional & mental resilience
– addictions
– shadow work
– exploration of consciousness & altered states
– spiritual growth & profound perspective shifts for your outlook on life

Breathwork photo
Breathwork @ BODY BEING, Canberra

Session Information

What an one on one Breathwork session looks like

Each session commences with a brief discussion exploring what brings a you to Breathwork and what is happening for you that you may wish to work on. This discussion is also used to establish an intention for the session ahead.

Once an intention is set the practitioner will guide you to lie down and will facilitate a short body relaxation to encourage the body to let go of unneeded tension and stress. The practitioner will then support you to commence a dynamic breathing pattern called Conscious Connected Breathing.

This breathing pattern enables you to enter a meditative and altered-state of consciousness allowing you to access subconscious material and work with it. You will be supported to bring awareness and relaxation to this material enabling the material to be amplified and transformed or released (rather then tensing against it and holding your breath like we often do in ordinary life).

Music is often used to support the session.

The session concludes with a period of gentle integration and relaxation. When you feel complete there is usually a debriefing discussion to support complete integration and grounding.

While a single Breathwork session can be powerful and informative, several sessions are recommended for deeper work and healing. Just as with other therapeutic practices it can take time for a process to enable significant and lasting change. To this effect discounted packages are made available in addition to individual sessions for those looking to take it a little deeper.

Group Breathwork Journey

We also facilitate Group Breathwork Experiences. For the next group event check out our Events page.


Amber is a qualified Breathwork Practitioner and Group Breathwork Facilitator (through Rising Vines Integrative Therapies). She is a professional member of the Australian Breathwork Association and the International Breathwork Foundation.

Amber’s Breathwork influences are Holotrophic Breatwork, rebirthing birth, inner child and inner parent approaches, transpersonal psychotherapy, process oriented psychology, energy dialogue, body work, shadow work, rites of passage, shamanic traditions and nature connection approaches

Amber’s passion is using Breathwork to support people to connect with their inner nature, to come home to themselves, reclaim their sense of belonging and find space to live a vital, conscious and whole life.

Session length and pricing

Initial Individual Breathwork Introductory Session (1-1.5 hours): This gives us a change to get to know each other, explore what has brought you to Breathwork and introduce the modality. Pricing: $120

Subsequent Breathwork sessions (session length varies according to individual need):

  • 2 hour Breathwork session: $225
  • 2.5 hour Breathwork session: $250
  • 3 hour Breathwork session: $275
  • 1 hour: Guided breathing for relaxation, nervous system balancing & meditation: $120
  • 10 session Immersion Packages available.

Online sessions are available for one on one Breathwork sessions for individuals who have some experience with Conscious Connected Breathing.

Want to have a greater experience and awareness of inner (as well as outer) health…then contact us on or via our contact page.

Professional Breathwork Canberra
Professional Breathwork Practitioner Canberra

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