Personal Breathwork Session information

What an one on one Breathwork session looks like

Each session commences with a brief discussion exploring what brings you to Breathwork and what you may wish to work on (intention for session).

Once an intention is set the practitioner will guide you to lie down and will facilitate a short body relaxation to encourage the body to let go of unneeded tension and stress. The practitioner will then support you to commence a dynamic breathing pattern called Conscious Connected Breathing.

This breathing pattern enables you to enter a meditative and altered-state of consciousness allowing you to access subconscious material and work with it. You will be supported to bring awareness and relaxation to this material enabling the material to be amplified and transformed or released (rather then tensing against it and holding your breath like we often do in ordinary life).

Music is often used to support the session.

The session concludes with a period of gentle integration and relaxation. When you feel complete there is usually a debriefing discussion to support complete integration and grounding.

While a single Breathwork session can be powerful and informative, several sessions are recommended for deeper work and healing. Just as with other therapeutic practices it can take time for a process to enable significant and lasting change. To this effect discounted packages are made available in addition to individual sessions for those looking to take it a little deeper.

Session length and pricing

Initial Individual Breathwork Introductory Session (1-1.5 hours): This gives us a change to get to know each other, explore what has brought you to Breathwork and introduce the modality. Pricing: $120

Subsequent Breathwork sessions (session length varies according to individual need):

  • 2 hour Breathwork session: $225
  • 2.5 hour Breathwork session: $250
  • 3 hour Breathwork session: $275
  • 1 hour: Guided breathing for relaxation, nervous system balancing & meditation: $120
  • 10 session Immersion Packages available.

Online sessions are available for one on one Breathwork sessions for individuals who have some experience with Conscious Connected Breathing.