Do you need some support to nourish your body, heart and mind? To find your healthy weight? To fuel your body right for your life? To respond to the changing needs of your body? To restore your energy and mood? To fuel your movement practice?

There is so much conflicting advice about what we ‘should’ and ‘should not’ eat. The potential for overwhelm and that feeling of ‘ahh screw it all’ or food fear is huge.

So how ARE you meant to eat….the answer, as always, is….it depends. It depends not only on the types of foods you eat but also:

  • the quality of that food (the story a food has);
  • when and how it is eaten;
  • the set up for your unique gastrointestinal tract and microbiome;
  • your hormonal profile;
  • what season it is;
  • what is happening in your life in general;
  • how you are training or moving;
  • life style nutritional impacts
  • and more!

Fear not, we can help you find simple solutions and empower you to find your own way to eating in harmony with your body and life. It CAN be simple and deeply nourishing.

Want to chat food? Drop us a line and tell us your story.