An embodied ‘No’

My relationship to my ‘no’

Evolving, deepening, descending into the core of me.

An embodied ‘no’ leaves space for my whole hearted ‘yes’.

An embodied ‘no’ is the way I tell my truth in the world. How I care for myself and respect that my needs matter, that I matter. How I declare my boundaries, saying here and no further.

An embodied ‘no’ is how I declare my right to take up space, be seen, to rest and to love what I love.

An embodied ‘no’ is my safety in a confusing, overwhelming and sometimes violent world.

My ‘no’ is a gift to those around me and gives them permission to also truly inhabit their ‘no’.

My ‘no’ releases my ‘yes’ into the realm of truth and integrity.

Such gratitude to @gigiamazonia and all my huntress sisters for deepening how essential it is that we truly inhabit our ‘no’.

Featured is my ‘loving no’, my ‘fuck off no’ might burn your eyes out 🤣 👀

📷 @gigiamazonia at Heart of Huntress Retreat

#breathwork #breathworkcanberra #empowerment #women’sempowerment #power #embodiedno #embodiedyes

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