Top Immune Boosting Tips (1)


Anyone who knows me is not going to be surprised that my first tip for bolstering your immune system is going to be….

Sunlight! ๐ŸŒž

Sunlight (and with it Vitamin D) is well know to be an incredible immune support. The availability of Vit D in your system is a key indicator of your ability to respond well to viruses, bacteria and other immune attacks.

Yes Vit D supplementation is an option but real sunlight on your skin is much more potent. Sunlight is much more complex than just one vitamin (which is actually a hormone).

Regular sunlight supports us to wake up easier, go to sleep easier, feel more emotionally robust, improve cardiovascular health, improve gut health, restore vibrant skin, reduce autoimmune dysfunction, improve thyroid function, reduce osteoporosis, ground us in our bodies and restore the flow of life force.

If you are local to Australia then now is a great time to get outside, ground your body in the earth and nourish your body with light.

Read my full two part article on my website if you want to dive into this deeper.

Suns out, guns out.

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