Do your health practices support you to be more present in your life or less?

Do they bring you into deeper relationship with your kids, partner, friends, family & community? Or away from????

Do they bring you back in better relationship with yourself, your emotions, thoughts, physical self, bodily sensations, energetic self, your inner wounds, your resilience & your fragility. Having you enjoying your body, your felt experience of life, your connection within?

Or do they shut it down?

Do they give you a sense of freedom to be exactly who the fuck you are? To know you are worth it.

Or through them are you trying to be something other than you? Someone with better abs, a cooler party trick, #thighgap, someone who knows it all, a life winner, someone who can dominate others, someone who only feels #goodfeels, is insta worthy etc.

Just wondering ……



#breathwork #Canberra #breathworkpractitioner #holistichealthcoach #wholepersonwellness

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