Here is my real. No filter, no style (I’m in my PJs) & I’m in pain. This is the last time I would ever pat my dog. This is moments before her life ends. My dear friend of 16 years. This is a real raw & human moment.

Why do I share this??

We all know that the images we see on social media are often the highlight reel of someone’s life!

Often they are carefully crafted representations of themselves that they hope will grant them likes, love, self worth, acceptance, business etc. This in of itself is very human (the need to be seen, acknowledged & feel connected are basic primal needs, if somewhat distorted via social media).

Despite our intellectual understanding of this I feel we often still fall into the trap of comparing ourselves with the unobtainable perfection of someone’s Instagram/Facebook account (I certainly do). Taking those images & using them to judge ourselves harshly, eroding our sense of self.

Perhaps it motivates us to constantly strive to be ‘better’ (#inspiration) to cultivate ourselves into something more, maybe something lovable & worthy!

Both these pursuits are exhausting & isolating (despite all the ‘likes’) & actually take us away from feeling in love with who we actually are & truly connecting at a human level. They take us away from a knowing that we are entirely lovable the way we are. That we can lean into our realness & that it is safe to be seen there.

When others share their realness with us it creates space to know you aren’t alone, you aren’t broken, you aren’t a failure or not enough. You are a human, it means being imperfect, screwing up, failing, falling, making many mistakes, feeling, it means it’s ok to be a mess sometimes, to feel lost, to get tired, to ask for help, to get it wrong.

Let’s unmask, be real, be seen & find real connection. We all deserve it.



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