Continuing to be human

Having a human experience means having MANY moments like this (symbolically as well as actually!).

Don’t be fooled by the images presented to you in social media.

Don’t let the inner critic use those images to tell you lies like you are lesser than, wrong, broken, unworthy, not enough.

Listen to the deeper voice. The one that’s kind, the often quieter one that stands you in your place and declares proudly that you are heartbreakingly fabulous the way you are.

The voice that speaks beyond your wounds, beyond your story and into the depths of you.

Listen to that voice.

And if that voice is hard to hear or so quiet you can only just hear it, then seek out the people who grow that voice inside you. The people, the tribe, the elders, the community who want to see the real you and safely call that part of you out.

We all need those people so let’s surround ourselves and call out the voice inside each other till it is so loud it fills the room.

Also let yourself have a good giggle at my face at the end of the video.

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