Expressing our authentic YES or NO?


Sometimes getting my movement nourishment needs met means a YES to my family.

Yes to being dynamic and flexible to the needs of the situation. Yes to finding a way to move together. Yes to being playful and sharing this time. Yes to moving and relating. Yes to moving and connecting. Yes I choose this.

Sometimes it is a clear and firm NO.

No to sabotaging my needs to meet theirs. No, I love you but I also love myself. No to being a sacrificial lamb. I have needs and it’s my job to meet them and have healthy boundaries. No to modelling for them (through my actions) that we should always put other people’s needs first.

These types of situations are all about choice. Choosing your YES or your NO!

When we make conscious choices we empower ourselves and our loved ones. When we respond unconsciously or untruthfully we sabotage ourselves but also those in our lives.

So many times we say ‘yes’ but we mean ‘no’. So many times we don’t say anything at all. We imagine we are powerless, stuck, without choice, obligated. Or we make a choice but we get all passive aggressive about it (never helpful) cause it is not what we really want.

But we always have a choice. Choice is power, choice is conscious action, choice is a loving act of self respect and respect of the others involved.

I like to come back to choice, over and over again. To remind myself when I’m feeling trapped, obligated, a victim, used, or unseen, ‘what am I choosing here’. It has a beautiful way of bringing me back into perspective and back into awareness.

It is not always easy but it is helpful.

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