Reclaiming the Pelvic Floor

I’m becoming more aware how common pelvic floor issues are for women.

I’ve been speaking to a lot of women about this lately and not only is it usual for women to have pain/leaks/prolapses/general numbing it’s also usual that they have not reached out for help.

I get it. I hear the taboo culture around our sexual organs. In this post I don’t want to get into the deeper trauma held in our bodies or the cultural oppression of female sexuality and ownership of ALL of our bodies (that is another bigger post).

I just want to share that while these symptoms are common they are not inherently shameful or untreatable.

There are many many practices for dropping into our vaginas, vulvas, yonis, pussys, vajajas! And they can change our relationship, ownership and function of our most delicate and sacred parts. 

Having a healthy, vibrant and orgasmic relationship with our yoni is a birth right.

Pictured here is me doing a simple and more physical body practice on strengthening and relaxing my pelvic floor and surrounding pelvic tissues (boring video but exciting practice).

There are also practices to deal with the emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects too.

Want more info on restoring your base. Hit me up. 


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