When you are lost in story, come back to the body

Sweat your prayers, dance your pain and move on” Gabrielle Roth

Before this dance I was swirling with stories, lost in my own triggers.

My mind telling how to interpret the sensations from my body and making it all mean sooooo much.

My wounds activated and running the show.

Breath muted. Body disowned.

So I danced.

I let it roll through me without judgement. Without ideas of how it should look or feel. My only intention to honour myself and what was moving in me.

No words.

No story.

Just motion and energy.

The only way is through and through I went.

Then my body slowed, humming with life and gratitude. My mind calm and in it’s place. My wounds honoured and taken care of. Perspective restored and pressence recaptured.

I was home again.

Conscious Connected Breathwork and conscious dance are the two most powerful modalities I have come across for taking responsibility for ourselves and letting what needs to move, move.

They are modalities that offer a way back to wholeness, belonging and grace. They are a way home.

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