Sometimes it’s hard to trust.

There are so many old wounds that make it hard. So many times we got hurt in the past.

It can be so hard to believe another has your best interest at heart. That they don’t want to wound our tender hearts. To know they are safe to share our vulnerable parts with.

But often it is harder still to trust ourselves. I speak not of the cognitive mind but of the deeper aspects of ourselves.

It is often so hard to go openly into the inner reaches of ourselves and trust our deepest psyche to know how to heal, grow, expand.

To unfurl into our inner wilderness and know we will come back.

To mine our own dirt for the gold that hides in the shadows and trust it is worth the effort.

To feel what needs to be felt and trust our suffering will not swallow us whole.

To let go of the ordinary, the everyday, the usual way, the habitual way and trust something will birth anew in us.

To trust that life, love and spirit is always there waiting for us to lean back into the abyss and trust our transformation.

Trust… this kind of trust is what we witnessed yesterday in our first Transmute Group Breathwork event of 2021.

What incredible humans walked in the door, what courageous souls lay down to breathe, what divine hearts opened to the mysteries of themselves and life.

We thank each one of you for trusting us to hold space for you. We are humbled by your bravery and honoured by your journey.

Transmute: Group Breathwork at Flow Yoga Canberra

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