Movement medicine to feed my soul

15 mins of spinal movement medicine.

Taking care of the needs of my spine is a key self care piece for me. The movement is a mix of local and global movements looking to honour the movement nourishment needs of my spine.

Opening my physical body, opens my energetic body, my emotional body and my spiritual body but opening my spiritual, emotional and energetic bodies also open my physical body. The body is not a machine. It’s a dynamic organism of my psyche and spirit making shapes the world.

It’s not for me to control or ignore, it is for me to inhabit my humanity (warts and all).

The more we can inhabit all aspects of ourselves (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) the more wholeness, flow and vitality we feel. The more our bodies feel like they belong to us and we are in right relationship with them.Moving your body to take care of it, honour it and allow its deeper expressions is a path into our emotional, energetic and spiritual freedom. Controlling, fixing and making our bodies wrong is a way to shut down those same pathways.

The body is often a reflection of how we are turning up for life. Not in a fixed or prescriptive way (please feel free to know your body better than someone else). It’s a curious mystery for us to unfold into.

Movement with your awareness fully engaged can be a path to coming home to yourself. Movement where the mind is forcing the body is a road block.

How are you moving your body to take care of it, nourish it and know yourself better?

P.S.To be clear. There is NO hierarchy of bodies. There is no body that is better than another. No matter how the world tries to tell us which bodies matter more. It’s a lie. It’s a form of trauma and oppression and control. Please notice how you rank bodies.

– Bam

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