Today I sit in reflection.

Remembering the power of connection.

Embracing the necessary discomforts of growth & expansion.

Letting fear be my companion & not my master.

Opening my heart over & over again so that my eyes can truly see.

Trusting life beyond the illusion of a safety net.

One day finishes & another begins. One year flips over into another year. One agreed way of conceiving time drops a 0 & picks up a 1.

My new year began with grief, hurt & uncomfortable necessary conversations. It began with feeling my pain, of sharing my hurts & letting the ‘story’ drift into something different.

It began with sitting in the discomfort. It began with choosing truth & connection above being right or letting an old wound run the show. It began with actually listening (not just waiting for my turn), with courage, radical honesty & ultimately with a deeper level of connection.

It began with feeling the pain of my unmet needs, of looking deeper into the narrative, of looking out from under the veil of my own hurt & into the eyes of another. It began with standing in my place & being asking to be powerfully met.

What an epic & honest way to start my year. Oh how grateful I am to life & love.

My learning: let go the story, be raw, be vulnerable, be so fucking honest it hurts, own your triggers & know that this is where profound connection is built.

My year starts with connection. Real, raw, human, conscious, free, courageous connection. I hope yours does too.

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