Honouring my Womb

Honouring the darkness there, the fear and shame that has penetrated into my body through generations of shut down, of oppression and denial.

Honouring the gift of life and creativity and vibrancy and deep deep knowing that wrestles with the wounds, the disconnection.

Honouring the wild within that scratches at my skin from the inside, the dark feminine who wants to burn it all down and from the ashes create new life. The dark goddess within who rages at what has come to pass and says No More.

Honouring my lower heart (my womb) and what is birthing through me into my world. The knowing that is beyond anything I could make up with my mind. The heart that bleeds and creates and brings my deep love forward again and again.

Deep inside I feel her, the wild one, she crawls and roars and scratches. She is coming and my ego is fearful but also ready. I’m surrendering again and again as the contractions start. I don’t know what is coming, but she is fucking coming.

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