Quit bullshitting…

Brutal perhaps but often totally appropriate and humbly true.

Liberating our health potential requires us to:

– explore how we sabotage ourselves.

– investigate how we turn a blind eye to our destructive habits.

– unpack our assumed ‘ways of operating’ which are undermining our vitality.

– take radical responsibility for how we are turning up in life.

– believe we have the power of choice but that maybe we need support to make new choices.

This kind of honesty is not easy.

It is not always obvious either but if we start with curiosity we are well placed to evolve and expand into greater and deeper experiences of wellbeing.

I got a good dose of humble pie lately.

Blinded by my denial, arrogance and shame.

Once I let the defensiveness settle, once I leaned into my unknowing, once I reached out and asked for help and let my shame and fear by seen.

Only then was I gifted upgrades to my experience of my self, life, vitality and love.

Being a human is confusing and amazing, isn’t it.

What parts of yourself are you unwilling to really look at?

Where are you unable to reach out and how come?

Where does your body speak and are you ignoring it’s message?

Can you be so kind and loving towards yourself to dare to be more curious?


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