How are you all doing? I hope you are hanging in there with the fast changes, general uncertainty and the vibe of unknowing that is out there.

It is a great time right now to invest some time in my third tip for boosting your immune system (and of course just generally feeling well and robust during this transitional time for us all).


Once again this tip is probably just a reminder to you all rather than an earth shattering silver bullet type tip (if they even exist).

Time out in nature resets and heals. It really is as simple and as complex as that. Time in nature has been proven to reduce our levels of oxidative stress, improve immune factors, down regulate the nervous system, balance out blood pressure, improve emotional wellbeing, improve cognitive function and much much more.

If you need the science then go google it but I’m pretty confident the ‘science’ is just proving something you already know in your bones to be true. You probably even have an embodied knowing of the feeling time in nature allows within you.

Great news is that NOW is the perfect time for getting out into our wild places. Nature is not cancelled. It is like we have been handed a free pass from our usual work commitments, from our social obligations, from our need to shop, spend and distract. We have no excuses left, well not really.

Plan a hike, camp locally, camp in your back garden, get out to the local green space, jump in a river, just get the dirt under your feet, some trees in your horizon and the sky over head.

There is no protocol. You don’t need me to tell you how to ‘do’ nature. That is not a thing. Do what is right for you but I highly recommend making time for it….today! You can get out and still completely comply with our current physical distance requirements, in fact it is easier and safer outside.

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