Shapes of me

I’m bored with chasing shapes that aren’t me.

Bored with this shape being right & this one wrong.

I’m not just speaking about my physical body but more about the shapes I make in the world.

I am speaking of the shapes I make as I express myself in this world & make ripples out into it.

I won’t make myself into a shape that isn’t true anymore. I just can’t be bothered. It no longer serves me to bend this way & contort that way in order to be acceptable or consumable.

I will tell the truth with my shapes.

I will take up space with my shapes.

I will be seen & witnessed in my true shapes.

I will not take care of others who can’t see the beauty of my shapes. I don’t have time for that anymore.

Did you ever see a cloud that was the wrong shape or a tree that tried to be a different kind of tree.

I am what I am. The shape of me is incredible. Is etched with my essence, my life choices, my ancestors, my tribe, my pain & my love.

My shape is my truth & my truth is my shape.

Let’s claim our shapes together.

Let’s stand for the right of us all to inhabit & express our authenticity in the world.

Let’s stand for those whose shapes have been denied in the world. Let’s make room for all the shapes, colours, forms & ways that had expression & place denied to them for too long.

Let’s be the change we want to see in the world.

Let’s speak the truth, take up space, adore ourselves & share this bumpy road together.

I give thanks to the repairing modalities of breathwork & conscious dance for opening me up to myself. For giving me a way to explore my shapes so safely & freely. For providing a way for me to face the fear & shame that has kept them small & unexpressed.

I say thank you to those who have witnessed my shapes become. To those that loved my shapes till I could no longer deny them. To those who stood for the parts of me that I refused to give shape to, to those unowned fragments I wasn’t able to bring into the whole.

Thank you to those wholehearted humans who saw into my wounds & saw grace. May I have the courage to be the same for the tender parts of those I share a path with.#Iclaimmyshape#yourshapematters

📷 photo by @gigiamazonia at NZ Heart of Huntress Retreat. Gina is the ultimate alchemist for shapes. This post is deeply infused with her wisdom & heart.

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