Sometimes it’s hard to trust. There are so many old wounds that make it hard. So many times we got hurt in the past. It can be so hard to believe another has your best interest at heart. That they don’t want to wound our tender hearts. To know they are safe to share our [...]


Today I sit in reflection. Remembering the power of connection. Embracing the necessary discomforts of growth & expansion. Letting fear be my companion & not my master. Opening my heart over & over again so that my eyes can truly see. Trusting life beyond the illusion of a safety net. One day finishes & another [...]

Honouring my Womb

Honouring the darkness there, the fear and shame that has penetrated into my body through generations of shut down, of oppression and denial. Honouring the gift of life and creativity and vibrancy and deep deep knowing that wrestles with the wounds, the disconnection. Honouring the wild within that scratches at my skin from the inside, [...]

Quit bullshitting…

Brutal perhaps but often totally appropriate and humbly true. Liberating our health potential requires us to: - explore how we sabotage ourselves. - investigate how we turn a blind eye to our destructive habits. - unpack our assumed ‘ways of operating’ which are undermining our vitality. - take radical responsibility for how we are turning [...]

Eat life

Fresh garden greens = eating life! The simplicity and grace of eating straight from the dirt of my home is one of my greatest joys. Eating greens like those that are called ‘weeds’ (such as dandelions or stinging nettles) or ‘pick again’ veggies (like spinach or sorrel) is one of the easiest ways to increase [...]

Moon time flow

I’ve created a short yoga flow to nourish and honour our bodies during the most restorative phase of womens’ cycle, our bleed. When we are bleeding we are called inwards. We are called into nourishing the deepest layers of the feminine and honouring the profound wisdom and power that lies within. A time of restoration, [...]

Shapes of me

I’m bored with chasing shapes that aren’t me. Bored with this shape being right & this one wrong. I'm not just speaking about my physical body but more about the shapes I make in the world. I am speaking of the shapes I make as I express myself in this world & make ripples out [...]

Yesterday I was exhausted…

You know what I did?I rested!!!! Bam Rest and recovery time is one of the most underrated wellness practices I see in our modern human lives. Say this with me: - “I deserve to rest when I’m tired” - “Resting is not lazy” - “I’m still worthy when I’m not doing anything” Also Nanna naps [...]