Pine Pollen Harvesting – Embracing the gifts of Spring

For a couple years now I have literally been ‘Pine-ing’ for pollen (I know, it’s so good right).

I followed the rabbit hole a few years back and deeply researched the golden pollen from pine trees and it’s incredible multi-nutrient properties as a food supplement but also it’s potent medicinal properties for hormonal balancing and it’s powerful detoxification potential.

I’ve harvested it in the past but keep missing the peak of the season. Not this year!

Why pine pollen?

It has a complex range of minerals, vitamins and trace minerals (over 200 bioactive ingredients). Some include: Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, Vit C, Vit E, Vit D, Beta Carotene, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron, Zinc, Selenium!!!!

It is a complete protein (rare in the plant world).

It is a strong support for the body’s natural detoxification processes.

It is a live and vital food (unlike so many of our modern day versions of food). I literally feel more awake, alive and joyful from a dose. Think about the purpose of pollen and how prepped for creation it has to be (it is literally the beginning of the life of a tree). It is LOADED with grow factors for the tree, the surrounding ecology it lands on and us! #natureheals

It gives a total shot gun of antioxidants (including Glutathione the master antioxidant in the human body).

But perhaps it’s most interesting component is it’s androgenic properties. Meaning it contains and supports the balancing of testosterone (though it also supports rebalancing of estrogens and progesterone). Remember testosterone is needed in all versions (to various degrees) of masculine and feminine bodies (in women balanced testosterone gives you better organisms!).

It also contains other support hormones and hormone precursors such as DHEA (which has been called the anti-aging hormone).

This is a huge and powerful medicinal quality in a world ripe with hormonal dysregulation and imbalance. In fact it can be so powerful for increasing testosterone in men that in therapeutic qualities (such as a tincture) is not recommended for men under the age of 20 years!

The pollen is mildly sweet and so easy to add to foods, beverages or turn into a tincture.

Good news is it is easy to gather and Canberra has been bursting with pine trees plump for gathering.

This timely gift from nature is here to burst nutrients into our bodies, fill us with vitality and passion. All in time for the season of emerging, growing and dusting off the depths of winter.

Just dust the pollen from the catkins (male tree parts) into a paper bag to collect. Or just go lick a pine tree for fun.

Go rewild your taste buds!



Expressing our authentic YES or NO?


Sometimes getting my movement nourishment needs met means a YES to my family.

Yes to being dynamic and flexible to the needs of the situation. Yes to finding a way to move together. Yes to being playful and sharing this time. Yes to moving and relating. Yes to moving and connecting. Yes I choose this.

Sometimes it is a clear and firm NO.

No to sabotaging my needs to meet theirs. No, I love you but I also love myself. No to being a sacrificial lamb. I have needs and it’s my job to meet them and have healthy boundaries. No to modelling for them (through my actions) that we should always put other people’s needs first.

These types of situations are all about choice. Choosing your YES or your NO!

When we make conscious choices we empower ourselves and our loved ones. When we respond unconsciously or untruthfully we sabotage ourselves but also those in our lives.

So many times we say ‘yes’ but we mean ‘no’. So many times we don’t say anything at all. We imagine we are powerless, stuck, without choice, obligated. Or we make a choice but we get all passive aggressive about it (never helpful) cause it is not what we really want.

But we always have a choice. Choice is power, choice is conscious action, choice is a loving act of self respect and respect of the others involved.

I like to come back to choice, over and over again. To remind myself when I’m feeling trapped, obligated, a victim, used, or unseen, ‘what am I choosing here’. It has a beautiful way of bringing me back into perspective and back into awareness.

It is not always easy but it is helpful.

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Continuing to be human

Having a human experience means having MANY moments like this (symbolically as well as actually!).

Don’t be fooled by the images presented to you in social media.

Don’t let the inner critic use those images to tell you lies like you are lesser than, wrong, broken, unworthy, not enough.

Listen to the deeper voice. The one that’s kind, the often quieter one that stands you in your place and declares proudly that you are heartbreakingly fabulous the way you are.

The voice that speaks beyond your wounds, beyond your story and into the depths of you.

Listen to that voice.

And if that voice is hard to hear or so quiet you can only just hear it, then seek out the people who grow that voice inside you. The people, the tribe, the elders, the community who want to see the real you and safely call that part of you out.

We all need those people so let’s surround ourselves and call out the voice inside each other till it is so loud it fills the room.

Also let yourself have a good giggle at my face at the end of the video.

Life Stacking


“Stacking your life involves the search for fewer tasks that meet multiple needs, which often requires that you’re clear on what your needs actually are.” Katy Bowman

Here my daughter and I are ‘stacking’. We are working on a tree house together. On this day I needed to create, to get away from the to do list and to connect with my daughter (without playing another game of magical creatures). She wanted dedicated mummy time and has wanted this tree house for ages.

In this one shared task we got:

– Connection and purpose.

– Much natural movement (I climbed that tree about 50 times).

– Outdoor time.

– Skills development (basic building and problem solving).

– Emotional skills development (exposure to frustration, set backs, negotiation, working as a team, disappointment).

– Nourishment (from connection, creativity, nutritious movement).

– A sweet special spot that my daughter uses to play but also a place she goes for solitude and centering.

Stacking your life is not about doing more. It’s not about multitasking. It about being conscience about what you want in your life and how those things align with each other. It’s about choosing not just reacting.

What do you want more of in your life?

How can you align aspects of your life to get more of those things without adding more to your ‘to do’ list?

Huge props to @nutritiousmovement (Katy Bowman) for her deeply inspiring and very accessible work in this space.

Katy’s work is absolutely worth your time so check her out.



Do your health practices support you to be more present in your life or less?

Do they bring you into deeper relationship with your kids, partner, friends, family & community? Or away from????

Do they bring you back in better relationship with yourself, your emotions, thoughts, physical self, bodily sensations, energetic self, your inner wounds, your resilience & your fragility. Having you enjoying your body, your felt experience of life, your connection within?

Or do they shut it down?

Do they give you a sense of freedom to be exactly who the fuck you are? To know you are worth it.

Or through them are you trying to be something other than you? Someone with better abs, a cooler party trick, #thighgap, someone who knows it all, a life winner, someone who can dominate others, someone who only feels #goodfeels, is insta worthy etc.

Just wondering ……





Here is my real. No filter, no style (I’m in my PJs) & I’m in pain. This is the last time I would ever pat my dog. This is moments before her life ends. My dear friend of 16 years. This is a real raw & human moment.

Why do I share this??

We all know that the images we see on social media are often the highlight reel of someone’s life!

Often they are carefully crafted representations of themselves that they hope will grant them likes, love, self worth, acceptance, business etc. This in of itself is very human (the need to be seen, acknowledged & feel connected are basic primal needs, if somewhat distorted via social media).

Despite our intellectual understanding of this I feel we often still fall into the trap of comparing ourselves with the unobtainable perfection of someone’s Instagram/Facebook account (I certainly do). Taking those images & using them to judge ourselves harshly, eroding our sense of self.

Perhaps it motivates us to constantly strive to be ‘better’ (#inspiration) to cultivate ourselves into something more, maybe something lovable & worthy!

Both these pursuits are exhausting & isolating (despite all the ‘likes’) & actually take us away from feeling in love with who we actually are & truly connecting at a human level. They take us away from a knowing that we are entirely lovable the way we are. That we can lean into our realness & that it is safe to be seen there.

When others share their realness with us it creates space to know you aren’t alone, you aren’t broken, you aren’t a failure or not enough. You are a human, it means being imperfect, screwing up, failing, falling, making many mistakes, feeling, it means it’s ok to be a mess sometimes, to feel lost, to get tired, to ask for help, to get it wrong.

Let’s unmask, be real, be seen & find real connection. We all deserve it.



Adult play

The amazing health practice few are talking about…

Giving ourselves space to play has many, MANY benefits for our wellbeing, including:

  • endorphin release;
  • improvements in brain function and growth (play triggers secretion of BDNF, a substance essential for the growth of brain cells);
  • memory improvement;
  • stimulation of creativity;
  • relationship building (it even makes us more attractive to others!);
  • nervous system balancing (stimulating the Parasympathetic Nervous System – essential for growth, healing and stress adaptation);
  • builds skills and physical attributes (strength, fitness, reactivity etc);
    stress reduction;
  • lowers blood pressure;
  • increases dopamine release (a key neurotransmitter in motivation, productivity, focus and zest for life); and
  • promotes resilience (physically, emotionally and mentally).

That’s just some of the studied benefits bouncing around.

Pretty amazing huh! 

So go play….