Today I fasted, practiced yoga, played basketball, played movement games for hours with my daughter in the sun, drank herbal teas, gardened and meditated. Yesterday I sat on the couch and watched family movies all day with a heavy dosing of chocolate. Neither choice is inherently bad or good. Neither choice makes me a good [...]


How are you all doing? I hope you are hanging in there with the fast changes, general uncertainty and the vibe of unknowing that is out there. It is a great time right now to invest some time in my third tip for boosting your immune system (and of course just generally feeling well and [...]

Top Immune Boosting Tips (2) way! This next post will focus on the importance of conscious breathing. That is bringing conscious awareness to your breath (e.g. meditation, breath work, mindfulness). Some of you will 'blank' when I say the words 'meditation' or 'conscious breathing' and some of you will say, der of course. For those in the middle I [...]

An embodied ‘No’

My relationship to my ‘no’ Evolving, deepening, descending into the core of me. An embodied ‘no’ leaves space for my whole hearted ‘yes’. An embodied ‘no’ is the way I tell my truth in the world. How I care for myself and respect that my needs matter, that I matter. How I declare my boundaries, [...]

Pine Pollen Harvesting – Embracing the gifts of Spring

For a couple years now I have literally been ‘Pine-ing’ for pollen (I know, it’s so good right). I followed the rabbit hole a few years back and deeply researched the golden pollen from pine trees and it’s incredible multi-nutrient properties as a food supplement but also it’s potent medicinal properties for hormonal balancing and [...]


CHOICES Expressing our authentic YES or NO?   Sometimes getting my movement nourishment needs met means a YES to my family. Yes to being dynamic and flexible to the needs of the situation. Yes to finding a way to move together. Yes to being playful and sharing this time. Yes to moving and relating. Yes [...]

Continuing to be human

Having a human experience means having MANY moments like this (symbolically as well as actually!). Don’t be fooled by the images presented to you in social media. Don’t let the inner critic use those images to tell you lies like you are lesser than, wrong, broken, unworthy, not enough. Listen to the deeper voice. The [...]

Life Stacking

  “Stacking your life involves the search for fewer tasks that meet multiple needs, which often requires that you’re clear on what your needs actually are.” Katy Bowman Here my daughter and I are ‘stacking’. We are working on a tree house together. On this day I needed to create, to get away from the [...]


Do your health practices support you to be more present in your life or less? Do they bring you into deeper relationship with your kids, partner, friends, family & community? Or away from???? Do they bring you back in better relationship with yourself, your emotions, thoughts, physical self, bodily sensations, energetic self, your inner wounds, [...]